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We are offering quality permanent makeup, hair treatment, and beauty services to the people in Arizona. Our experts are skilled and experienced. They use advanced techniques to provide quality services. Call us now!

Combination Brows / MicroShading

This is my signature look. We combined the natural Microbladed strokes the front of the eyebrows and defined the tale end with powder brows technique. This is beautiful for some one who lacks natural hair on the tail end.

$600 | 150 min

Hair Strokes/nano Brows

Handcrafted hair strokes using Phibrows technique to deliver the most natural look of realistic eyebrows. Ideal for dry-combination skin with a lot of elasticity.

$600 | 150 min

Mother’s Day Ombre Powder Brows

Handcrafted hair strokes using Phibrows technique to deliver the most natural look of realistic eyebrows. Ideal for dry-combination skin with a lot of elasticity.

$450 | 120 min

Eyebrows Cover Up/correction

If you have previous work please text me a picture for evaluation and consultation. Treatment may take 2-3 sessions to creat beautiful result.

$650 | 150 min

4-6 Weeks Follow Up Appointment!

This step is crucial to ensuring your eyebrows will look amazing for the next couple of years. We will perfect color and shape as eyebrows will lighten and shrink up after it healed in your intial session.

$125 | 60 min

Brows Models Touch Up

Designed to help you maintain the perfect brows after your initial microblading or eyebrow tattoo session. Using cutting-edge techniques and premium pigments, we will precisely redefine and fill in your brows, ensuring a natural and flattering appearance.

$200 | 60 min

6-8 Months Color Boost

This is only available to my existing client. To boost or darken existing eyebrows color.

$185 | 90 min

Annual Touch Up ( Existing Clients)

This I only available for my existing clients who want to touch up their brows that was previously done by me. Any brows older than 18months is consider new price.

$250 | 90 min

2-3 Years Touch Up exisiting Client

We offer an exclusive 2-3 Years Touch Up service for our existing clients. Reveal the best version of yourself every day, effortlessly.

$375 | 120 min

Full Lips Pigmentation

We offer Full Lips Pigmentation, a revolutionary technique that enhances your lips’ natural shape and color, giving you a stunning, youthful pout.

$500 | 150 min

Star Dust Eyelinee

Classic eyeliner with a touch of ombré to create a smoky effect along the eyeliner.

$450 | 120 min

Baby Eyeliner

Enhance the allure of your eyes with our Baby Eyeliner service. It involves applying subtle and thin lines along the lash line, making your lashes appear denser and your eyes more captivating.

$300 | 90 min

Consultation On Service

Consultation regarding my eyebrows services. And pre-drawing of shape. $50 will go towards your service when book. Free consultation is also Available through text and FaceTime.

$50 | 30 min

Lash Lift And Tint

Tired of using lash curlers and mascara every morning? Our Lash Lift and Tint service will elevate your natural lashes, giving them a striking lift and defined curl.

$75 | 60 min

Teeth Whitening

Using advanced and safe teeth whitening techniques, our experienced technicians will carefully whiten your teeth, removing stubborn stains and discoloration caused by everyday habits.

100+ | 60 min

2 Days Ombre Powder Workshop

Unlock your creative potential and embark on a journey into the world of Ombre Powder Brows with our comprehensive 2 Days Ombre Powder Workshop.

$2.5k | 480 min

Nano course

Our skilled instructors will guide you through the entire process, from proper handling of the tools to understanding the best practices for ensuring client comfort and safety.

$2.5k | 480 min

Lip Blush Class

Discover the art of Lip Blush, a semi-permanent makeup technique that enhances the natural beauty of lips by adding a soft flush of color. Enroll in the Lip Blush Class and empower yourself to create the perfect pout for your clients.

$1.8k | 480 min

Mini Tattoo

For those seeking minimalistic and delicate body art, our Mini Tattoo service offers a variety of charming designs to choose from.

100+ | 60 min

Areola Color Correcrion

Our compassionate artists use advanced techniques and pigments to create natural-looking areolas, helping you regain a sense of femininity and wholeness.

$1 | 120 min
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